Tech and Nature

UP2S believes technology and nature are not mutually exclusive, but should be integrated together to enable communities to interact with nature for healing, education, and entertainment, providing the freedom to fully explore nature on a different level . Our Tech and Nature Program, based in the Honeysuckle Farm & Gardens, exists to give folks a platform to connect with nature beyond just a physical space. UP2S is utilizing technology to make interacting with nature accessible to all, regardless of physical ability.

Conservation Driven Partnerships with Businesses

UP2S values partnering with conservation driven professionals, creating a network of social impact investors, conservation and mitigation specialists, and land conservation organizations. Our Honeysuckle Tea House serves as an example of these partnerships, as UP2S stepped up to co-invest in the space with a social impact investor.

Ecological Resilience

UP2S supports human and natural communities by building economic and ecological resilience to ensure sustainability and high quality systems. UP2S is committed to maintaining natural heritage spaces, such as the Honeysuckle Farm & Gardens, through natural farming practices.

Community Resilience

UP2S engages the community through preserving and maintaining unique places in the community, like the Honeysuckle Tea House and Honeysuckle Farm & Gardens. UP2S goes a step farther to make these places accessible and enjoyable to the community. Whether it's our annual Fall Fest or monthly Full Moon Celebrations, UP2S provides interactive and entertaining outdoor experiences for our community.