Join Us in Enhancing this Magical Place for Children!

Donate today and help us reach our phase one fundraising goal of $25,000 to build a special gathering place for children at Orange County’s iconic community space, the Honeysuckle Tea House.

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Playscape:(’plā, skāp) is a playful landscape characterized by the occurrence of enjoyment by the public and all those that interact with it (*wikipedia). Natural playgrounds use natural landscapes, vegetation, and material in a creative and interactive way allowing children to play and learn. We at Honeysuckle want to create a space like this that enhances a child’s curiosity, imagination, wonder, and discovery, and we need your help!  Our belief is that this will nurture a child’s natural connectedness and love for the world around them. We plan to use the earth's natural shapes along with trees, boulders, other rock structures, dirt, sand, and natural water features to create this amazing space for the community to enjoy.

The future of conservation is about creating unique places where we have exceptional experiences to celebrate our place in the beautiful cycle of life. The Honeysuckle Tea House and Farm is exactly that kind of place! The natural playscape (or natural playground) is defined as a space with as little man made components as possible.

Building a place for connection in the local community is a common thread between Unique Places To Save and the Honeysuckle Tea House and Farm.

The Honeysuckle Tea House and Farm is a living example of creative place-making, a farm-as-destination with experiences designed for the community. Unique Places to Save is thrilled to serve as the non-profit partner for this thriving ecological farm, especially to expand its role as a place for people of all ages to connect with the land, with foods from the land, and with each other. We are committed to developing programs and experiences that build on the natural assets of fruits and berries, beehives and herb gardens. We feel privileged to be able to offer a community gathering place to inspire our next generation of land stewards.

As part of this synergistic partnership and shared commitment to the community, 20% of the profit from the Honeysuckle Tea House will be donated to Unique Places To Save to further their mission of saving some of the most wonderful places in the region. Working together, these organizations continue to offer people places to reconnect with the magic of the land through agrotourism, the heart of Unique Places To Save's and the Tea House work.

Personal Messages from Donors

“Love love love love love love love love THE HONEYSUCKLE TEA HOUSE! And my daughter plays all the time there. YEAH. Thank you.” - Bobby Bailey