Based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Unique Places To Save (UP2S) was founded to move beyond barriers to address unmet needs in the fields of natural and cultural heritage, farming, community, and technology. To meet these challenges, we take an entrepreneurial approach uncommon in the nonprofit world, developing creative solutions that also meet the speed of marketplace demands and opportunities.

Another hallmark of Unique Places To Save is a collaborative ethos that drives our work. Collaborators  UP2S works with include land trusts for conservation projects, municipalities for park creation, specialized contractors for stream and wetland mitigation, and even augmented reality technology firms for nature education.

When we say that we are focused on investing social and financial capital in farms, parks, trails, monuments, and historic structures, we don’t simply mean helping others raise money for projects (which we do a lot!).  UP2S has made its own strategic investments to preserve, protect, and sustain the places that help people stay close to the land and each other. Specifically, we co-own and operate a pair of quite unique places in rural Orange County, North Carolina (Keith Arboretum and Honeysuckle Farm), to prove that community-based agriculture and horticulture with a sustainable approach can generate jobs, fund great work across the state, and bring people together to enjoy nature and the goodness that comes with natural food and beverage products.  

UP2S is poised for tremendous growth, increasing our impact through creating places that conserve nature and create community for generations to come.